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Macau Light Festival 2018 TVC

Revolving around the concept of time, the Festival will weave up local elements of gastronomy, humanity, architecture, culture, creativity and other realms. The event will not only manifest the city’s East-meets-West cultures, but also portray nostalgic stories and childhood memories of Macao people, leading spectators onto a glittery journey across time and space in Macao.

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Kasane no Irome - Piling up Colors

An installation design of Japanese Dance. Japanese have been piling up colors from olden times to express sacred things. Also, piling up the paper with square silhouettes has been used as a thing representing sacred depth. Nakamura Kazunobu designed a space that changes the atmosphere by changing to various colors with such square "piling up" as a motif. Panels flying in the air centering on the dancers cover the sky above the stage space and depict the appearance of light passing through the space that can not be seen without the panels. A space that draws light strikingly, develops Japanese Dance.

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Poznan Marathon Medal

The idea of the medal animation was the 20th anniversary of the Poznań Marathon. The small elements and particles that make up the medal symbolize each year of the marathon and each runner. The medal's lanyard is printed with historical photos from all Poznan marathon editions arranged in chronological order and has a quote "I left footprint in Poznan". The reverse of the medal is dedicated to Maciej Frankiewicz, the president of the City of Poznan, who is the creator and patron of the Poznan Marathon.

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Pop Up Magazine

The project was a journey to explore the Escape issues (theme for 2019) abstractly and fluidly, showing the changes, new things and consequences from that. All the visuals are clean and comfortable to watch, contrasting with the uncomfortable reality from the act of escape. The design is constantly changing and the morphing shapes in the animation represent the act of readaptation, caused by some sort of situation. Escape has different meanings, interpretations and the point of view varies from playful to serious.

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With Absinthe, Vivian had a chance to explore potential visuals that merge physics and scenography. This play explores topics on physics, matter and psychology. The the main beauty of the design is the limitless interpretation of the set according to the audience's understanding of the play, the oval stage represents time, but can be seen as the milky way, Möbius band etc. To enhance the whole theatrical experience, she introduced technology of laser light sound visualizer as a method to allow sound to be seen, laser lights were distorted based on the frequency of spoken sound by the actors.

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Macau Light Festival 2019 TVC

Themed as explore the light this year, Macao tourism mascot mak mak will join local and visiting spectators to explore four glittery routes and Macao’s evolving cityscape over the last two decades through different angles in the art of light. The adventure will be reminiscent of stories and memories belonging to the people of Macao, and evoke the joy brought by celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macao sar.

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