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It is a lighting show that was staged at three different locations in Oakville (ON, Canada). The performance is fiction on the theme of Energy. In the story, the Outsiders came to Earth not as invaders but as highly intelligent creatures with a lot of knowledge to share with humans. The main point of the project: the energy is actually found inside of us. It is the foundation of human livelihood and maybe a key to solving the energy problem on Earth. To visualize the idea, the artist has designed lighting costumes using LED modules and zip-ties.

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Future of Banking

Ms. Wu created this video for Julius Baer to explain the working method of their new digital product for their potential investor. From concepting, storyboard, style frames design to animation, she figured out how to visualize the difference between heavy workflow, digitalization and new era. She added visual metaphors to increase uniqueness. Creative thinking and techniques were utilized to create a video with a clear story narrative and visual attractions. This video showed the beautiful future the new digital product will bring.

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The designer sought inspiration from the nature element and colors, bringing a fresh and light aspect to the animation. His main concern was always the quick and objective reading of the information and always focused on the sensory. The elements he have chosen always work according to purpose, without being banal. The choice of colors and shapes strengthens the sense of concept, bringing the air of lightness and softness needed. His main concern was always the quick and objective reading of the information and always focused on the sensory.

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Type V

The design is based on the very essence of music (from the designer's perspective): the emotional freedom, the never ending flow, the energy of a stream one can feel looking at a yacht piercing the waves or a jet crossing the skies. It's dynamic shapes meet minimalistic approach: one pickup, one volume knob, black colored hardware and body, black ebony fretboard, making it's futuristic stealth-like appearance more expressive and elegant. Well balanced, providing easy access to the top frets, this extended range guitar offers great playing experience in many different styles.

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S4nity S4 ident

When we were approached by S4nity to design their brand, we sought to differentiate them from other I.T. companies by designing a visually engaging brand using the platform of a lovable and recognizable mascot. S4 was created as the brand's spokesperson, delivering the values and technological know-how behind S4nity.

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Anugerah Industri Muzik, Malaysia

The concept of the stage design is based on “ultimate colors rainbow ” which bring the meaning of movement music industry throughout year.In this design there are Light weight 12 mm curve LED panel attach with custom made. flying arch curve truss and the main big screen 20' L at center. winner are standing island stage. These making everyonestunning to the winner and looking forward on their performance. Main colors is silver which can bringing out their colorful costume. I inspired with live go byond through people in the industry

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