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With Absinthe, Vivian had a chance to explore potential visuals that merge physics and scenography. This play explores topics on physics, matter and psychology. The the main beauty of the design is the limitless interpretation of the set according to the audience's understanding of the play, the oval stage represents time, but can be seen as the milky way, Möbius band etc. To enhance the whole theatrical experience, she introduced technology of laser light sound visualizer as a method to allow sound to be seen, laser lights were distorted based on the frequency of spoken sound by the actors.

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Macau Light Festival 2019 TVC

Themed as explore the light this year, Macao tourism mascot mak mak will join local and visiting spectators to explore four glittery routes and Macao’s evolving cityscape over the last two decades through different angles in the art of light. The adventure will be reminiscent of stories and memories belonging to the people of Macao, and evoke the joy brought by celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macao sar.

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The Armor

This armor was conceived for a modern version of a classic Shakespeare. Made it with fully recycled materials, mixes metallic corset nerves with leather leggings overlapping layers denoting the various faces assumed by Richard III during the theater play. From a modernist vision in terms of fabric and materials to traditional use of technique and structure, the piece remains the soul of an antique armor. It reflects the vulnerability of the King and the man who coexists inside the character, the world of specters, deaths, and feelings surrounding his life.

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Simplest Happiness

The Chinese zodiac in that year is the pig, so Yen C designed the sliced pig, and it's a pun in "many hot movies" in Chinese. The characters are very happy, just in line with the channel's image has always wanted to give the audience the feeling. And combine four movies elements into the video. Children who are playing can best show pure happiness, and hope that the audience will have the same feeling when watching the movie.

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Alignment to Air

As for the creative letter animation, Jin started with the alphabet "A". And, when it comes to the concept step, he tried to see more vigorous moods reflecting on his philosophy which is quite active but organizing at the same time. Along the way, he came up with the conflicting words thoroughly standing for his idea in some way such as align to air which is the title of this project. With that in mind, the animation presents more precise and delicate moments on the first word. On the other hand, this ends up with a rather flexible and loose vibe to manifest the last letter.

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Western Fashionista Rebel

Poise and attitude, she is a 1920's woman. Bright colours and sparkly gems; feathers tall and confidant like the woman she is. Her hat represents her masculinity and strength while her bodysuit complements her enticing feminine figure. She is energetic and excited for the change in the world to come. The inspiration started with the desire to represent and celebrate women in a vibrant and eye-catching. The colors are inspired by the surroundings of the Cayman Islands and the design is inspired by the showgirl of the 1920s with a fusion of modern-day carnival.

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